Various Types of European Tourism

The comparative Tourism pockets of Europe:

1.Portugal – Beaches

Portugal is ideal for lovers of sun and sea, beginning from the glorious beaches at the Algarve to the mountain ruins of the Algarve’s Golden Ring. The genuine Algarve is a highly attractive place for Europeans. Each year, a number of Europeans escape to the excellent destinations of Portugal, Spain, or Italy. For one thing, Algarve is an important Portugal tourist center. On the southern coast of Portugal, the Algarve region is recognized as Europe’s oldest Atlantic coastal region. The Algarve region is unique because of the beach resorts and seafront towns.

Golf lovers will appreciate the Orihuela mountain range that runs the length of Portugal. The Monte do Son and the Praia da Oura mountains in western Portugal, are considered outstanding natural beauties.

The Algarve region enjoying the Mediterranean climate is the best for people who like to practice golf. The warm and sunny weather, picturesque landscape and the great circuit of golf courses provide an enthusiastic golfer an opportunity to practice his/her favorite sport with a high degree of satisfaction.

2. Switzerland – Mountains

Switzerland is a popular touristic destination in Europe. It is a very distinctive place, a small country with tongue in cheek named after the level of proof required to versa become German. The territory of Switzerland amounts to no more than 1,½ million square kilometers making it one of the largest countries in Europe.

Switzerland is a great vacation place for lovers of mountain slopes and ski resorts.

3.The Czech Republic – Cities

The Czech Republic has fair weather all year round. Prague, the capital city of the country, is a well-developed, exciting and grand tourist destination. Fairbanks, the largest city in the country, is another place of interest. Since the times of the Bohemian Empire, the Czech Republic has been imprinting on the world map with its unique geographical feature. Dipped in the middle of Europe in the northern continent, the small country of Czechoslovakia has sleeper villages of impressive magnificence. The Czech Republic leaves much to be desired when it comes to the quality of its cuisine. There are more restaurants and bars than any other European country and great pubs.

Prague, in its entirety, is a very well-developed metropolitan city. However, the capital Prague lies elsewhere. If you want to enjoy the city center, it is very advisable to rent a car. This city has a long history. It is the capital of the Czech Republic and eastern Europe’s economic and political heart. The city rises above the city center from the level of the Old Town and from the level of the hill at theá Castle Hill.

Ten days of your week – that’s all it takes. Get out and walk the streets and invest in a walking tour (at your own pace) of Prague. It’s worth it. But if you have to make a rushed visit, a car will suffice. Every day in Prague there’s something new to see and every place to visit. The combination of ancient history, culture, and modern life makes Prague a global treasure. It’s a place where the East meets West, and the North meets South. And it holds a tremendous amount of musical heritage.

To know Prague is to know an Empire and a city. And every Prague certainly is an experience. One visit is never enough to experience it all. But if you do your homework, you will find that there are various discounted package tours that will help you along your way.

The best is the online Tourist Information Office. This office will have your Prague UNESCO maps and guides. They also have cheap accommodation options. Your journey will be much more comfortable if you have a house at a hotel Prague has to offer. Budget accommodation is available and many travelers appreciate this fact.

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