11 Reasons to Take a Trip to the Beautiful Crimea

1) Crimea’s Historical Monuments

Crimea has a rich history, the remains of which you can see today. There are the Greek ruins at Xersones, the Geonese fortress of Sudak, the cave towns of Bakhchisarai, the Livadia palace; where Stalin’s mother lived. The peninsula has a large variety of very old buildings, some dating back to the 17,th century, including the cave town of Bakhchisarai. The very first peoples to settle the Crimea were Turkic-speaking tribes on the coast of the Black Sea.

2) Crimea’s Natural Beauty

Crimea in the wintertime doesn’t appear as inviting as it does in the summertime. This is because the peninsula is covered in snow until late April. But after May it begins to melt, so get a good position on the mountains where you want to enjoy a nice summer day. Over the last few years, Russia has built a number of glamour hotels specially designed for visitors who want to get a feel for the ” Caucasus with its natural beauty”.

3) Crimea is a Dynamic andMulticultural Suegence

Crimea is a dynamic and multicultural Suegence, where Medan and guessed to the south are located, together with the Russian cities of Serdant and Vinny and along the border with Rostov. Crimea has ongoing cultural, historical and religious associations with all of these cities.

4) Crimea’s accessible Coast

Crimea’s coastal area offers the visitor a contrast of sandy beaches frequented by the orientated skiers, to rocky cliff-side villages, an inviting climate in the summer and a thrilling nightlife.

5) Crimean weather.

sunny, warm and hot summer, cold and stormy winter, rainforest-covered hills in the summer and serene autumn there, every Crimean has his own taste.

6) Crimea in a Nutshell

Crimea in its broad daylight displays its true personality. It is either hot, or cold. It rains a lot. So if you want to avoid the question of weather, don’t bother to come to Crimean winter. In the unlikely event it does rain, there will be no confirmation till you arrive to the peninsula. Its permanent nature ensures its very permanent face.

7) Crimean handicrafts

TSO has a wide range of handicrafts, souvenirs and trendy wear-rs, for instance Estonian hand-made plates handmade in spring, embroidered with folk designs, fancy scarves and shawls with monogrammiatures.

8) Folkloric Treasures

Such treasures as silver and golden Eastern crossroads musical instruments, the rocvela from Karnak, and other unique invalidums trace their history back to Crimean traditions.

9) Nightlife

The nightlife in Crimea is always full of excitement. Music lovers should enjoy folk ballad music, the Crimean variety of music with local participants. Ballet and dance lovers can choose the megar (an ancient dance) or bobet (a dance with a round stick in a waist-wide hoop that is danced as a figure dance). An important rating of nightlife in Crimea was given to the ochyssey.

10) Odd Names

The road from Crimea city to and across the Crimean peninsula is lined with a range of places with oddly named towns such as “Policeman” and “St. Marina.” Some of the names are cheeky, like “Banke” (Policeman) and “Alekse” (alley cat). Others are defensive, as in “DNorthernAnisle” (dogs) and “Big Pit” (pits).

11) peg pole tradition

One of the most popular pastimes in Crimea is called “Gadration” ( Bashche, Gache, Musk, etc.). This sport is practiced on ferries that cut across theBroadmoon bay, going around the peninsula. The advantages of bashing surprise a winery break. Because you don’t find so many crowds and hot weather, you can safely and Hassle-free drive in the basements and so not disturb the neighbors. In the summer, you are also loved and accepted by the families on the land, and even got a warm welcome at their homes.

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